Sandrine is a ski and mountain enthusiast. If at 2 years old she was already on her boards, at 22 years old, classical studies completed and and having achieved her degree of ski patrol rescuer, she devoted herself to her passion.

Artificer, she triggers avalanches, in charge of snow and weather observations, she transmits the local readings to the French Weather Forecast. Sandrine has her head towards the sky as soon as she hears an helicopter engine, and takes part in the first rescue by the PGHM (High Mountain Police Patrol) with the new EC145 that replaces the old Alouette.

On land she likes to attend enduro races, and does not hesitate to put her nose in an engine.
The MZ team even offers her to join the assistance truck on the Dakar ! From helicopter to motorcycle, here she comes in cars.

After various experiences in commercial development and management, she joins FLUXEA as Sales Director France and Export.