Achieving electrical safety

general instructions

Personal protective equipments : insulated gloves, glasses, clothes, shoes, … phone.

Safety equipments – workshop : signalling, poles and chains, fire extinguisher, ….

Tool 1000V.

  • DC voltmeter.


Model identification :
  • Make.
  • VIN.
  • Type.
  • The registration plate.

achieving proper work conditions

Switch ignition off.

Remove the ignition key.

Place the ignition key in a closed box.

Place the sign ‘DO NOT START’ on the steering wheel.

the trim of the rear floor

Remove :
  • The trim of the rear floor A.
  • The side trim B.
  • The lower trim C.
Let glide => :
  • The handle.
Remove :
  • The handle.

Wait for 10 minutes.

Check there is no voltage.

checking that there is no voltage

In the motor compartment.

Remove :
  • The bolts D.
  • The cover E of the housing of the current inverter.

Do not switch on while pressing down the brake pedal.

Put the key on the ON position.

Reference voltage 0V.

Put the key on the OFF position.

Disconnect :
  • The terminal .
  • The cable orange colored.

Put the key on the OFF position.

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