Robotized / dual clutch gearbox oil change

robotized oil
7 gears
box type: 0BH-Stronic
G 052 182
service refill quantity (L): 5.5
full refill quantity (L): 7.2


gear shift lever

gear shift lever position

P parking.

R reverse gear.

N Neutral position.

D automatic.

S automatic sport.

+ / – choice through impulses :
  • + ref : 1->2->3->4->5->6.
  • ref : 6->5->4->3->2->1.

Steering wheel controls.

achieving proper work conditions

Vehicle test conditions :
  • This operation requires a flat ground to be properly made. The vehicle must be stopped and unable to move.
Check that the gearbox is not operating in EMERGENCY mode :
  • Skip shift P.

Switch ignition off.

Oil temperature < 45°C.

oil filter

Replacement :
  • When substituting the oil.

Unscrew ==>.

Particular precaution :
  • When the flow stops, unscrew the filter body and make it free.

Remove the filter body ==>.

Remove the filtering cartridge.

Reassembly :
  • Proceed reversing the order of the removal.

Tightening torque 2 daN.m.

Drain :
  • Oil.


Place the vehicle on a platform.

Remove the motor’s lower shield.

Remove :
  • The gearbox cap 1.

Remove the blanking cap 2 and the overflow hose.

Screw the overflow hose at a 0.2 daN.m torque.

Nota :

Replace the blanking seal after any removal of the fill-up and drain cap.


3 place the filling VAS 6262 adaptator on the hole of the oil levelling cap.

Lift the funnel higher than the gearbox level.

Refill the gearbox with the specified oil quantity.

Add around +0.3 oil liters in the gearbox.

oil level check

Start the engine.

Press the brake pedal and operate one shift for all gears :
  • For about 3 seconds.

Bring the transmission oil temperature to a level of 35 to 45 °C.

Remove :
  • Hose adaptor / coupling VAS 6262.

The exceeding oil should overflow as a running thread.

Otherwise :
  • Refer to method file : fill-up.

Put back the level cap when the excess oil stops flowing and tighten at 0.2 daNm.

Switch the engine off.

A given oil quantity always remains in the gauge well.

The exceeding oil should overflow as a running thread.

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