New name

In September 2018, Publitest became FLUXEA.
You thus discover a new name, a new dynamic, a new charter that corresponds to our desire to open up to our customers and to communicate on our expertise in a world of cars in perpetual motion.

An evocative name

  1. FLUXEA FLUXEA because we provide you with flows and solutions in the form of automotive technical data with a strong ambition: to drive your technical knowledge.
    This data is valuable because it saves you time, money and new customers.
  2. FLUXEA because our customers are all unique and they must be helped instantly: we adapt and, for you, find the solutions.
  3. FLUXEA because we are proud of our expertise and our technicians experts in TechLine and remain passionate about the Automobile.
  4. FLUXEA because if our data is multilingual, our ambitions now have an international momentum.

Modernized and enriched websites

  • More empathetic, ergonomic, easier to use, more efficient. The Customer site integrates tips and keeps in memory your history and is definitely turned towards the user experience.
  • This corporate site clearly defines our service offerings, which sets us apart from our competitors and brings us together with our customers. It proposes to communicate with you with news and advice, and soon a Blog.
  • Our service offering is clearer and enriched. You will find ranges of Books and Internet packages, point cards accessible on all supports or in web service, and soon online training.

And above all, our Techline Expert Technicians are at your disposal to assist you. Passionate about cars, they have been in your place and know your daily life in the shop. Experienced, they will answer your technical problems for all types of vehicles.