Our history

Since 1974, FLUXEA – formerly Publitest – succeeds to establish a firsthand relationship, providing day after day, the best possible help by providing the most accurate, and most convenient for workshop usage, information.

As time went by, our datas – methods or documentations – became a technical reference among the mechanics and body repairers.

It is this story, our story but somehow our customers’s story, that we would like to tell you here.

Fuxea’s script develops in 4 phases, around three men : its Founder, M. Domela, then its acquirer, jean-louis aufrere, and finally its current manager, Olivier Aufrere, Jean-Louis’s son.

Birth and upgrowth

At the start of the seventies, the sheer figure of cars and models populating the market compels the mechanics to take knowledge and master, for many carmakers, a multitude of models, motors, bodies, to sum it up technical characteristics… That’s the finding, still more than actual 44 years later, which led to FLUXEA’s creation.

FLUXEA grows quickly first among the independent wokshops, then appeals to major distributors and wholesalers, which establishes firmly the firm.

For more than 20 years, FLUXEA is a familiar figure in the majority of the car repairshops. Those famous documentations, accurate and drawings illustrated, are The repairer’s Book.

Like many sectors, the time for a unique initial training is over. The practice of the garage trade can not do without continuing education.

At the end of the eighties, data processing, then internet invade the markets. The managers, ill prepared and advised to those rapid changes, awkwardly handled the transition.

Takeover of the company by Jean-Louis Aufrère

As the company handles hard times, JLA, insightful entrepreneur, takes over. Data processing has matured, became omnipresent in every workshop and factory as well as in our cars. Internet is spreading everywhere, predicting a consumer’s mode revolution.

Among those numerous changes, Jean-Louis Aufrère senses that among the repairers, an expectation to an ever more accurate knowhow is looming.

As a consequence of the major changes : the variety and number of models, their growing computers’s use, as well as the renewed competition, the need for technical documentation, covering more details, masterly illustrated, focused on being easy to use, will expand.

As in many professional activities, no initial training, whatever thorough, can cover the needs anymore. Permanent training is a must for every repairshop.

Upgraded, Fluxea technical documentation and illustrated methods are appealing to a growing number of customers.

Norauto chooses FLUXEA not only as a supplier but as a partner. Midas joins Norauto soon in the Mobivia Group.

FLUXEA in partnership with Midas moves to a completely new offer, which generates an earthquake on the market: maintain the Carmaker Warranty without requesting an official dealership workshop !

Development by Olivier Aufrère

Joining FLUXEA in 2004, Olivier Aufrère, graduate engineer from Arts et Metiers (www.artsetmetiers.fr) the main french technical school, and from its spanish counterpart Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (www.upm.es), strives to digitize the offer.

Technical expert, in love with beautiful mechanics and design, Olivier Aufrère gets involved with passion in the company development. Its first mission encompasses completely rebuilding the database, adopting a new, more flexible, adaptable design providing a short response time.

Soon the first ‘full digital’ products appear to smooth the transition from paper to digital.

At the same time Olivier Aufrère strengthens the Mobivia partnership.

FLUXEA expertise is also brought to new worldwide customers such as Total for its oil division, or Saint-Gobain for its innovative windshieldss.

Each time, FLUXEA knowhow backs the launch and supply of its customer products , making readily available technical documentation and illustrated methods, essential for maintenance work, parts or subsystems replacement, becoming ever more loaded with highly complex technology.

Next, brand new consulting means are proposed to customers eager to get support when getting their product line upmarket.

Publitest becomes FLUXEA

40 years after its creation, the company has retained its family character, led by enthusiasts who understand intimately the garages. The time has come to expand the horizon and conquer Europe.

FLUXEA invests heavily in two directions.
The company is recruiting an International Sales Director whose main mission is to conquer new markets in Europe.

FLUXEA attaches the services of the agency of Design Regliss.com which will initiate the creation of the brand new visual identity of the company: new name, new logotype, new visual identity to assert its expertise, its values ​​and its new baseline: Empower your technical knowledge.

FLUXEA adopt a brand new multilingual and commercial website.
Finally, the online service is totally redesigned to offer the best of FLUXEA’s expertise, in an easy to use and pleasant environment thanks to a new ergonomics and enriched functionalities.

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