Fluxea in A NUTSHELL

At FLUXEA, we love cars mechanics!
Family business, this passion is transmitted from father to son. And beyond, to all employees.

Do you know, for example, that all the Fuxea editors have high-level field experience ! The daily problems encountered by the auto mechanics have no secret for them.

Customers in a hurry, crankcase that does not disassemble like the same model from the previous year, remove a bumper – whose fasteners are hidden – to change a headlight bulb, electrical problems on a 15-year-old vehicle …the auto mechanics daily life is that of our editors.
Because we are convinced that our customers deserve a high quality service, FLUXEA has chosen the specialization. We do not sell parts catalogs, magazines, or billing systems…

Fluxea’s ambition is to allow its customers, repair shops and auto mechanics, to operate in the best possible conditions, and to contribute to their training.

Our clear, precise, detailed technical documentation, such as our illustrated methods and diagnostic support tools, are designed for everyday use.

As we all know, there are still situations, for example in diagnostics, where nothing will replace human contact.
Also, we wanted to go further by offering our customers a contactable Techline to allow them to have a direct exchange with one of our technicians.

This Techline is perhaps the strongest proof of our commitment to our Clients.

Techline FLUXEA

    because it is not about trade or customer service but high level technical service.
    every day.
    the service is provided by Fluxea’s own technicians.
    Available in English for our international customers (deployment in other languages in progress).

Our values


In a technical area that is experiencing so much change, we can not be efficient if we are only reactive.
Producing accurate documentations and effective methods at the moment the models land in showrooms requires to be in constant watch, to seek, to inquire upstream.
Being ahead is a guarantee of quality and an imperative.


We practice a profession where every detail counts. The concern for precision, detail are constantly present in our minds.
The important thing is not that the work is done, but that it is done well. With dedication.


We work for our garage customers. Whether groups or independents, we are listening to them, helping them, but also sharing experiences with them – which is surely the most rewarding thing in our business.