Because FLUXEA brings together, first and foremost, a group of automotive enthusiasts, we felt it was important to present ourselves individually. Here you will find examples of the diversity, complementarity and technicality of the people who make up our company

Technical department


To say of Benoît that he is passionate about mechanics since childhood is not enough to describe either his career, his competence or his motivation.

If Benoit is an expert in the method that can help any mechanic to solve a problem, it is because he himself worked in garage and then designed methods.

Leading team


Christiane begins her career with the Caisse des Dépôts group. As an accountant in real estate management, she moves regularly to the position of Accounting Section Head.

She is enriched by the quality of the formation of this group but also discovers the limits.

Leading team


Olivier fell very young in the automotive sector. The only F1 fan of the family, he squats television on Grand Prix Sundays. Growing up, all topics related to the automobile attract him.

The visits of the Schlumpf Brothers Museum (today “City of the Automobile”) in Mulhouse (France) and the BMW Museum in Munich (Germany) reflect its interest as much for the technology (and its evolution over the centuries) as for the automotive design.

Graphical department


Passionate about graphic arts, photography and horse riding, how did she choose to work for Fluxea ?

Always surrounded by men passionate about auto mechanics, this universe was actually familiar to her.

Technical department


When he reaches 15, he receives a scooter for his trips to high school. Very quickly, he seeks to improve the performance of his vehicle: change of muffler, the variator and finally each of the mechanical parts.

The light is on : he likes that, and is moving towards an A-level STI Mechanical Engineering option Motorized Systems, to eventually make it his job. The driving license only confirms this (6 days after his 18 years) with a certain taste for speed (on the race track).

Technical department


His generosity is matched only by his competence. At first contact, Pascal has the singing accent of his generosity. But beware, no nonchalance at home ! If a problem resists his know-ow, there is nothing more to do for your car…

Since the beginning of his career, Pascal has been involved in sensitive subjects, which requires a very high level of technicality.