Christiane begins her career with the Caisse des Dépôts group. As an accountant in real estate management, she moves regularly to the position of Accounting Section  Head.

She is enriched by the quality of the formation of this group but also discovers the limits.

After a break in career during which she deepened her training, she is looking for a company on a human scale that offers a broader spectrum post.
She joined FLUXEA (formerly Publitest) in 2003, a family business that meets her expectations and offers her a position as Accountant with all the diversity of a small business.
She then discovers the management of Human Resources and the customer relationship. She handles the link with customers from order taking to factoring and claims collection.

Although nothing predestined her to work in the automotive industry, she is pleased to find her place with this team of passionate technicians. Sharing the enthusiasm of all, Christiane is today a central element of the company, autonomous in her position of Finance and Support Functions  Director, and particularly involved in the other activities of the company.