general instruction

The vehicle being out of sunshine.

The outside temperature must exceed 15°C.

Cabin filter in perfect shape (if fitted).

vehicle test conditions

The gasreload- or inspection- equipment being connected.

Start the engine and keep the engine speed at 1250-1300 rpm.

A-C running for at least 5 minutes.

Doors and windows closed.

A-C controls position

Push the air distribution selector to reach the front position.

Air distribution : dashboard air vents at maxi opening.

Air temperature in the cabin : maximum cold.

Blower speed : maxi.

Cabin air intake : open.

outside temperature (°C)input pressure of the compressor (LP) barcompressor output pressure (HP) bar
20,00 ±5,00 2,30 ±0,50 16,50 ±3,50