fuse and relay box

fuse and relay box / motor

since 06/01/2005

K40/9 fuse and relay box / motor.


K40/9 fuse and relay box / motor.

  • In the motor compartment / on the right side.


image/svg+xml R12 R13 F73 F72 F71 F70 F69 F68 F67 F66 F65 F64 F74 F84 F83 F82 F81 F80 F79 F78 F77 F76 F75 F85 F29 F28 F27 F26 F25 F24 F23 F22 F21 F20 F30 F32 F33 F34 F35 F36 F37 F38 F39 F40 F41 F88 F87 F31 F86 F54 F55 F56 F57 F58 F59 F60 F61 F62 F63 F53 F43 F44 F45 F46 F47 F48 F49 F50 F51 F52 F42 20256 20257 R8 R3 R4 R2 R6 R5 R11 R9 R10 R7 R1 F5 F18 F19 F3 F17 F12 F11 F8 F13 F9 F1 F15 F14 F16 F10 F2 F6 F7 F4

R1 horn relay.

R2 relay of the wiper ( On / Off ).

R3 relay of the wiper.

R4 motor run relay.

R5 starter.

R6 fuel pump relay.

R7 power supply relay / pin 15R.

R8 power supply relay / pin 15.

R9 rear window heater relay.

R10 relay for discharge after contact / pin 15R.

R11 relay for discharge after contact / pin 15.

R12 headlight washer relay.

R13 secondary air pump relay.


F1 wiper ( front ) 30A.

F2 horn 15A.

F3 brake pedal sensor / brake-light 5A.

F4 fuse of the heater 7,5A.

F5 lights control 5A.

F6 component power supply / motor 5A.

F7 wiper ( rear ) 30A.

F8 component power supply / motor 10A.

F9 component power supply / motor 15A.

F10 component power supply / motor 10A.

F11 permanent + (battery) 7,5A.

F12 rear window defrost 30A.

F13 electronics module of the steering column 7,5A.

  • F13 dashboard instrument subsystem 7,5A.

F14 braking system 7,5A.

F15 headlamp beam height adjuster 5A.

F16 starter 5A.

F17 fuel pump 15A.

F18 12V socket / cigarette lighter 15A.

  • F18 interior lighting / glove box 15A.

F19 radio set 5A.

F20 pin 15 15A ( motor 112, 642, 646 ).

F21 module / gear shift lever 7,5A.

F22 tachograph 7,5A.

F23 airbag / belt / SRS C. U. 10A.

F24 rearview mirror with assist camera 5A.

F25 trailer control unit 5A.

F26 battery cut-off relay 5A ( model Westfalia ).

F27 pin 15 / electrical equipment 5A.

F28 gearbox/transmission C. U. 10A.

F29 N / P position switch 5A.

F30 free.

F31 anti-theft alarm 10A.

F32 phone 5A.

F33 seat passenger detection sensor 10A.

  • F33 childseat detection sensor 10A.

F34 pin 15 / electrical equipment 5A.

F35 C. U. for cabin lights, sliding roof, remote controls, ... located within the rooflight unit 7,5A.

F36 setting control of the seat lumbar support 10A.

F37 vanity mirror illumination 7,5A.

F38 entertainment - rear 7,5A.

F39 free.

F40 engine control unit - ECU 10A / 20A.

F41 engine control unit - ECU 10A / 20A.


F42 lights control 5A.

F43 entertainment - rear 7,5A.

F44 interior lighting 10A.

F45 C. U. for cabin lights, sliding roof, remote controls, ... located within the rooflight unit 7,5A / 25A.

F46 the sliding roof C.U. / rear 25A.

F47 secondary heating radio receiver 5A.

F48 front A/C control 7,5A.

F49 12V recharging socket / entertainment - rear 15A.

F50 phone 7,5A.

  • F50 microphone 7,5A.

F51 heated seats 30A.

F52 tachograph 5A.

F53 free.

F54 diagnosis connector (DLC) 10A.

F55 free.

F56 A/C distribution solenoid valve 5A.

F57 headlight washer 30A.

F58 anti-theft alarm siren 10A.

F59 control unit / ignition (anti-theft) lock switch 20A.

F60 fuse of the front vent 40A.

F61 ABS / ESP control unit 25A.

F62 ABS / ESP control unit 40A.

F63 radio set / navigation system 15A.


F64 12V recharging socket / on the passenger side / on the left side 15A.

F65 12V recharging socket / on the passenger side / on the right side 15A.

F66 trailer plug 30A.

F67 trailer control unit 25A.

F68 seat(s) electrical adjustment / driver seat 30A.

F69 seat(s) electrical adjustment / passenger seat 30A.

F70 sliding doors / left side 30A.

F71 sliding doors / right side 30A.

F72 fuse of the rear vent 30A.

F73 air suspension 40A.

  • F73 AWD C. U. 20A / 40A.

F74 parking sensors C. U. 10A.

F75 tyre pressure monitoring system - TPMS 5A.

F76 audio amplifier 7,5A.

F77 phone 5A.

F78 auxiliary heater C. U. 20A.

F79 close / hatch / tailgate 30A.

F80 rear air conditioning 5A.

F81 braking control unit / trailer brakes 25A.

F82 taximeter 5A.

F83 12V recharging socket / rear 15A.

F84 turn signal - blinker ( additional ) 10A.

F85 free.


F86 pin 30 / alternator 225A.

F87 fuse of the heater / A/C blower 60A.

F88 secondary air injection pump 40A.

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