To say of Benoît that he is passionate about mechanics since childhood is not enough to describe either his career, his competence or his motivation.

If Benoit is an expert in the method that can help any mechanic to solve a problem, it is because he himself worked in garage and then designed methods.

A short summary of a rich career.

Benoit is an expert in maintenance, electronics, fault code…So many topics that give trouble to garages. And better yet, he likes the exchanges he can have with the Clients !

Although his initial COTECH training at Renault gave him solid foundations, he continued to enrich and broaden his field of expertise by participating in the opening and management of a Renault Express Service. The day-to-day field, he knows ! Renault, who follows him with an attentive eye, offers him to join the TechnoCentre, Saint Graal for a technician. He is part of the pilot team for XML repair methods.

Why did he join Fluxea ? The chance of an encounter with Olivier Aufrère, passionate leader and true top-class technician with which he could share his passion, simply, directly, without hierarchical heaviness, and turned towards the Customer.

Share his passion with seasoned professionals, help mechanics by offering them clear, workshop usable methods or help them solve problems when they ask the Techline, such is the pleasure of the exercise of his daily business.