His generosity is matched only by his competence. At first contact, Pascal has the singing accent of his generosity. But beware, no nonchalance at home ! If a problem resists his know-ow, there is nothing more to do for your car…

Since the beginning of his career, Pascal has been involved in sensitive subjects, which requires a very high level of technicality.

Pascal began his career as a vehicle warranty diagnostic specialist at Land Rover. He spent the necessary time there, disassembled, tested and reassembled everything when the problem was solved !

When appears an incomprehensible problem, an insoluble thing, Pascal intervenes !
His skills were then used as technical auditor on warranty at a provider who intervened at the request of the manufacturers.
The desire to share his know-how led him to take charge of COTECH training at Renault.

Always in search of new knowledge, he pursued a new university cycle in Computer Engineering and On-board Electronics. Very useful skills at a time when computers take a prominent place in modern vehicles !

When crossing the path of Jean-Louis Aufrère, he finds three essential topics in his eyes: leaders who know the mechanics and who like that, a team of passionate experts with whom he shares the taste of mechanics, the electronics and automotive computing, and finally the opportunity to help mechanical customers who need advice.