Robotized / dual clutch gearbox

direct-shift oil
6 gears
box type: MCP
API GL5 75W80
service refill quantity (L): 2.1
full refill quantity (L): 2.2


workings & design

On a standard manual gearbox is added a group of actuators in charge of several tasks :
  • Choice.
  • Skip shift.
  • Clutch.
The transmission control unit manages the gearshift actuators, following programs, adaptive or built-in, for the various modes  :
  • Driver / choice through impulses.
  • Automatic.
According to the versions :
  • Sport.
  • Consumption <<<<.
  • Outside temperature (°C) < 0°C.
Gearshifts are authorized or managed according to the data received or fed-back :
  • Brake pedal.
  • Accelerator pedal.
  • ABS / ESP control unit.
  • Engine control unit - ECU.
  • Vehicle speed sensor.
  • Engine speed sensor.

gear shift lever position

R reverse gear.

N Neutral position start / idle run (rpm).

A automatic.

M manual.

Skip shift :


Choice through impulses +/-.

  • Steering wheel controls.
  • Gear shift lever position.
Nota :


  • Press the button S for a short timespan.

maintenance interval

No specific recommendation.


1 robot.

2 electric pump unit.

oil level check


Before any intervention :
  • Release the pressure.

Use a diagnosis equipment.

Remove :
  • Level and fill-up BR cap.
If necessary :
  • By unclipping the tabs RL.

If necessary, adjust the oil level up to the maxi MAX mark.

Removal / reassembly.

  • Gearbox.
Before any intervention :


  • The handle 3.

draining / filling

A gearbox oil change cap.

B oil fill-up cap of the gearbox.


Place the vehicle on a platform.

Remove :
  • The motor's lower protecting cover (if pertinent).

Put an adequate container under the gearbox.

Clean the surroundings of the refill / level and drainage caps.


According to the versions : in order to reach the fill-up cap:
Remove :
  • The air filter casing.
  • The battery tray.
Remove :
  • The cover under the engine.


Remove :
  • Oil fill-up cap of the gearbox B.
  • Oil change A cap.

Let the oil flow freely.


Clean the refill/level and drainage caps.

Put back :
  • Oil change A cap (tightening torque 40 N.m).
Comply :
  • Sticker recommending the lubricant.

Refill the gearbox with the specified oil quantity.

Put back :
  • Oil fill-up cap of the gearbox B.
  • The motor's lower protecting cover (if pertinent).

Lower the vehicle.


robot oil
Magneti Marelli
hydraulic actuator
box type: S-CAM
Tutela CS Speed_SAE 75W

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