timing belt


general instructions

Take note / register :
  • The radio-antitheft code.

Lift and block the vehicle.

Disconnect the battery.

Replace the drive belt.

Never rotate the motor through the camshaft's gear.

Unless specified otherwise, turn the motor in the normal rotation direction.

Apply all tightening torques.

Mark the direction of rotation of the timing belt.

Mark the rotation direction of of the drive chain.

Vehicle with CAN :
  • Wait 10 minutes to disconnect the battery after shutting off the ignition circuit.
  • This time limit is necessary for the adaptative circuits to fall asleep.


Disconnect :
  • The fuel hoses A.
Remove :
  • The air ducts 1.
  • The front/right wheel.
  • The front/right wheel arch cover.
  • The drive belt.
If necessary :
Disconnect :
  • The exhaust systen from the manifold.


Rotate slowly the crankcase until it reaches the locking pin :

4 Pb flywheel locking tool.

  • Tool ref.: 0194C.
Remove :
  • The center screw B5 of the crankshaft.
  • The pulley of the crankshaft.
  • The wiring harness 3.
  • The upper timing cover CS.
  • The lower timing cover CI.
  • The crankshaft position sensor 5.
  • The screw fastening the square anti-offset 7.

Lift up the motor until to fully free the front bracket from any tension.

Remove :
  • The bearing PSM of the motor bracket (tightening torque 60 N.m).
  • The engine mount bracket SD on the timing gear side (tightening torque 60 N.m).
  • The lug Pas of the motor bracket (tightening torque 55 N.m).
  • The guide-cover 6 of the timing belt.


The surface of the magnetic tape should hold :
  • No scratch.
  • No damage.
  • Never close or in contact with magnetic materials.
  • In case a contact takes place, it is mandatory to substitute the crankshaft pulley.

Wash hand before any handling.


general view

A1 camshaft gear.

B1 crankshaft pulley.

B2 crankshaft gear.

C2P waterpump gear.

D2 injection pump gear.

G1 tensioner.

G2 guide roller.

Pa1 camshaft gears locking pin.

  • Tool ref.: 303 735 Ford.
  • Tool ref.: 0194 B Peugeot PSA.
  • Tool ref.: 999 7122 Volvo.

G injection pump gear locking pin.

  • Tool ref.: 0194 A/J Peugeot PSA.

Pb flywheel locking pin.

  • Tool ref.: 303 734 Ford.
  • Tool ref.: 0194 C Peugeot PSA.
  • Tool ref.: 999 7169 Volvo.

K crankshaft gear locking pin.

  • Tool ref.: 303-732 Ford.
  • Tool ref.: 0194 A Peugeot PSA.
  • Drift punch Volvo.


Place back the crankshaft pulley screw.

crankshaft gear locking

camshaft gear locking

injection pump gear locking

insertion of the locking pins

Rotate clockwise the crankshaft until the insertion of the locking tools becomes possible :
  • Crankshaft gear locking pin K.
  • Camshaft gears locking pin Pa1.
  • Injection pump gear locking pin G.

timing belt removal

Unfasten the screw Eg1 fastening the tensioner G1.

Slacken the belt by rotating the tension roller clockwise.

Remove :
  • The timing belt.

timing belt reassembly

Place the timing belt, segment duly stretched, in the following order.

  • Camshaft gear A1.
  • Guide roller G2.
  • Crankshaft gear B2.
  • Waterpump gear C2P.
  • Injection pump gear D2.
  • Tensioner G1.

adjustment of the belt tension

Rotate the tensioner G1 counterclockwise with an Allen key L in order to stretch the belt.

The tensioner index M should be at its end J :
  • Tighten the fastening screw of the tensioner.

Remove the locking pins.

Rotate fully 6 times the crankshaft in the direction of rotation of the motor.

Unfasten the screw EG1 fastening the tensioner.

Rotate the tensioner G1 counterclockwise to slacken the belt.

The index M of the tensioner should be positioned between the sides of the opening :
  • Tighten the fastening screw EG1 of the tensioner at 37 N.m.

Rotate fully 2 times the crankshaft in the direction of rotation of the motor.

Check the proper index position M of the tensioner G1.

If it is not possible to insert the locking pins K/Pa1/G, start again the belt tensioning process.

Rotate the crankshaft clockwise until being able to insert the locking pin in the flywheel.

After double checking the above points, put back all removed parts in reversing the order of the removal.

Lock the flywheel with the pin Pb :
  • The crankshaft pulley's screw must be replaced.
  • Tighten the screw of the crankshaft pulley.

tightening torque

Tighten :
  • The center screw of the crankshaft 35 N.m + 190°.
  • The locking screw of the guide roller 30 N.m.
  • The screw fastening the tensioner 37 N.m.

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