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The windshield glass, no problem wit that, you simply need to know how operate the gluing.
Yes, true … but years ago !

Today the windshield is not only glass, it’s a major cockpit component.

The HUD, the video cameras are grafted on. Calibrating those is an absolute must.

Some basically alert on a lane departure. No need for high accuracy, except if a bike happens to move between the lanes !

Others… are correlated in the EB emergency braking System with the radar sensor ! Which means the difference between stopping in front of the wall, or within the wall…

How to explain to the customer that the calibration was forgotten, when a 15€ method and the proper equipment will achieve it ?

  • Rear window
  • Windscreen
  • Fixed window of the rear door
  • Fixed window of the front door
  • Rear lateral windows
  • Front lateral windows
  • Interior trim - rear doors
  • interior trim - front doors
  • Rear loudspeaker
  • Front loudspeaker