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Wheel alignment

  • Wheel alignment
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Wheel alignment is simple, so simple that it is entrusted to the apprentice, who gets along with the equipment’s data !
YEs, but…:

  • The equipment is not yet updated (yet the subscription has been paid in due time), so the recent vehicles will be REFUSED !
  • The data of your equipment do not include anymore the old vehicles. REFUSED again

Each brand defines its own control process. Did the apprentice correctly compress the Peugeot’ suspension ?

Did he put 75 kg on the driver seat and 25 kg in the luggage trunk ? No, … well, here we have to pay back another 4-tyres set.

Some Manufacturers use really specific adjustment methods : Toyota’s way for wheel camber adjusting requires to change the bolts of the hub carrier. Better to know the proper reference to perform the correct adjustment. . Our method takes the pain to explain that.

And for a simple change of a tyre, this pack includes as well TPMS, clarifying what must be done in each situation and explaining how to perform it : tyre pression adjustment, mandatory tyres replacement for same axle(s), tyre rotation (mandatory for 4×4 drive, included Quattro, Xdrive, 4matics.

Wheel alignment